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Are you willing to check out photo locations before the wedding? Absolutely! I always scout out locations beforehand. I can also offer suggestions on unique photography locations based on your style as a couple.

Do you have backup equipment?
Yes,I come prepared with backup camera bodies, lenses, flashes, and plenty of memory and batteries.

Can I give you a list of shots that I want?
The answer to this is two fold. First, when it comes to family posed formals, I do require a list. Trying to take family photos without a list is tough, and I've worked hard to perfect an efficient system of getting through family portraits quickly. When it comes to the rest of your day, I do not operate off of a list. I feel that any professional photographer should already know to get special key shots such as the groom watching the bride walk down the aisle, the couple's first dance, and other important events. If you feel that your photographer won't know to get these shots, that's not a good sign! Additionally, I feel that shot lists interrupt the day and prevent me from obtaining the emotional, candid shots that happen in split-second moments. If the photographer spends time working off a list, it may actually cause the best moments to be missed.

Do I get the copyrights to my photos?
This is one of the biggest misconception questions I get. 99.9% of professional wedding photographers do not relinquish their copyrights to their images, and I am no different in that regard. Does this mean you won't be able to print your photos where you want to? No! My Clients will receive a print release granting them permission to print at the lab of their choice. Unless your goal was to sell or publish the photos taken at your wedding for profit, there really is no need to own a copyright to your photos.

Do I get the RAW files in addition to the edited photos?
This is a question I get sporadically, and probably will be encountering more frequently as digital SLRs become more commonplace. The answer is no, I do not offer RAW files to my clients. Part of the reason why you hire me in the first place is because you like how my images look, and a lot of that look comes through my post production techniques. RAW files are essentially unfinished work, and its not my wish to have unfinished work in anyone's hands but our own.

What's a first look?
A first look is when the bride and groom see each other all dressed up before the ceremony. First looks are rad in my opinion and I love them. Why? You get a chance to have a private moment together. And, those genuine, omigosh-you're-gorgeous, I-cant-believe-we're-getting-married photos are bound to be the ones you cherish more than any others. Agreeing to have a first look really can open up the timeline of the day and allow for a much more relaxed event. Of course if my couples would rather see each other for the first time during the ceremony, that's cool too. I truly want you to have the type of wedding that is important to you.

What are the benefits of having an engagement session with you?
Engagement sessions are fun, laid back, and are all about getting to know you as a couple and you getting to know me as your photographer. Sessions are up to 2 hours and mainly consist of going to a location fitting to your style, and then you being yourselves, goofing off, or snuggling up. I typically don't do a lot of posing, but will help you out some, so don't worry too much about not knowing what to do. Usually, everyone starts out feeling a bit self-conscious, but by the end of the session, you'll feel like a natural!. Then, on your wedding day you'll know what to expect and the initial awkwardness has already come and gone. My goal is to turn your photo session into a fun experience. Plus, you will have more amazing photos of the two of you together.

Do you shoot destination weddings?
YES, call me, we'll talk. 585-781-4178