TweetWhen we heard that our good friend Tommy was starting his own dog training service, we knew instantly that it was going to be a success. With his expertise and love of dogs, we knew that people were going to benefit from his guidance. So, when he said that he was available to help with […]

TweetIf you’ve read my other blogs, then you know my passion for photography and cars. Last week I was able to spend some time with Lee, and his 2004 mustang cobra. What a beautiful machine! One style of automotive photography I’ve been working on is rolling shots. In this photo we were going about 40mph. […]

TweetThese two are so awesome. They are full of spunk, energy and charm. As soon as we pulled in for the shoot, the rain starting coming down. But that didn’t stop us, we still had a ton of fun! Here are just a few shots from our day at the park. Blowing kisses!