TweetThese two are so awesome. They are full of spunk, energy and charm. As soon as we pulled in for the shoot, the rain starting coming down. But that didn’t stop us, we still had a ton of fun! Here are just a few shots from our day at the park. Blowing kisses!

TweetAhhhhh! To see the world through the eyes of an 8 month old baby. We really enjoyed spending time with Catarina and her loving parents. We got to experience true wonder and delight. Cata just loved moving around the park and experiencing nature’s beauty. We had a blast crawling around the grass with her. She’s […]

TweetI have always wanted a sister, they are like built in best friends. Erin and Laura were so in sync with each other and so easy going. It made our job easy! It didn’t hurt that they are both drop-dead gorgeous. Ben really was the star of the show. He was so happy just to […]