Your Photography investment

Your investment is important! There's not doubt wedding photography can seem expensive, but is it really? Let me go over a few things for you so you can truly see what you are getting in your wedding photography investment.
First thing I'm sure you notice is the use of the word 'investment' I choose to use this word because I believe the images I create for you on your wedding day will provide a detailed look, a complete story for anyone who looks at them. Memories fade over time however these images will remain true, beautiful as the day you married your true love. Your future children and grandchildren will be able to witness your wedding day for years and years. 
I take this very seriously and know just how important my job is to deliver theses images to you safe and sound.  I'm sure you peeked at my pricing and maybe thought "wow! for photography?" Let me break it down for you, you are not just paying for 10 hours of my time to press a button. It is much much more than that! You are going to have the benefit of my over 10 years experience photographing weddings (18 years total behind the camera) this alone means you can trust I will capture those once in a lifetime moments, there isn't a second first kiss. My experience and knowledge allows also me to capture these moments in any situation/location. I arrive on your wedding day prepared for anything and everything!  I have lighting for all possibilities, several cameras, an array of lenses(I have a small addiction to image technology and have the latest and best Canon has to offer!) memory cards, batteries, flashes, tripods and BACKUPS! I can't stress enough how important this is...I bring backup everything.  
The handling of your images is also extremely important and is another reason you need to trust the photographer you hire. When I take a photo your image is instantly saved to two separate places, from there your images never leave my possession until they are uploaded to two separate hard drives. Continuing with your investment, I use a specially built computer with only the best Adobe programs Bridge and Photoshop.  I then take several hours to go through your images and pick out the absolute best ones! Then I make sure to open and edit each and every photo that I provide to you, this process is usually around 40-50 hours.

Please make sure the photographer you hire is actually a real business and is insured, and most of all make sure you trust them. You may have also noticed I do NOT and will never charge for copyright. I provide you with a printing license so you can do what you want to do with your images. Copyright is only needed for commercial publishing and selling,not for personal use.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you now understand what you are truly getting when you hire me as your wedding photographer.


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