Rochester Wedding Photography | Honeoye Falls and Mendon Ponds Park photos

Today we took a leisurely drive down to Honeoye Falls and Mendon Ponds park. The first stop was to check out the venue for the next wedding that we are shooting in less than two weeks. We are super stoked to be photographing Phil and Elena’s wedding at The Rabbit Room.

The Rabbit Room

We learned a little bit of history from some of the employees today and I was intrigued. It was built in 1837 as a water-powered grist mill on Honeoye Creek. The mill thrived and was producing 200 barrels of flour every day. Until 1901, when a fire gutted the entire interior. 6 months later it was rebuilt, only to be shut down in the Depression. Later, a creamery bought the building to store aging cheese.

Today, it is a historic landmark and home to a restaurant and an art gallery. There are some great boutiques located throughout the building that showcase beautiful handmade art and jewelry. Needless to say, we are very excited to shoot at this venue, so stay tuned!

On the way home we couldn’t help but notice the amazing autumn colors and the grey sky. Hello Fall!


Since we haven’t been in a while we decided to stop at Mendon Ponds Park and visit the ‘Devils Bathtub’.

We parked the car and Bella was way too excited to explore somewhere new. She seemed to have spotted something that caught her attention immediately.


Lo and behold, a horse in the parking lot!


After asking Dave if he would buy me a horse and him denying me yet again, we headed down to the kettle hole known as Devil’s Bathtub.


Devil’s Bathtub is also a meromictic lake. This means it has layers of water which do not intermix. The deepest layer of water does not contain any dissolved oxygen. The layers of sediment at the bottom of a meromictic lake remain relatively undisturbed because there are no living organisms to stir them up. I hope you are taking notes because there will be a pop quiz tomorrow.

Now that you have had a history lesson and a biology lesson all in one post just enjoy the next few photos.





All photos taken with the Canon 5D and the 50mm 1.4 lens. The lens is a new addition to our gear and I don’t know how I have lived without it for so long!

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