Jay and Erica | Wedding Preview

As I’ve mentioned a million times before, we were thrilled to travel to the Adirondacks for Erica and Jay’s beautiful mountain wedding. We are having so much fun going through the photos, so we wanted to share this sneak peek with all of you.

Erica and Jay opted to see each other before the ceremony, which I absolutely lovelovelove.  This ‘First Look’ gave them the opportunity to create a wonderful moment that was just shared between the two of them (oh,and us too!) We also had plenty of time to take some relaxed portraits, candids and detail shots. Plus, they had more time to enjoy each other, their guests, and the incredible setting. Most couples prefer that they keep it traditional and not see each other until the ceremony, which is great too! I say, do whatever makes you happy!

Here are our favorites so far…

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