Daniel & Brienne | Married! | Vail, CO

Two of my closest friends, Dan and Brienne, were married on April 9th in Vail, CO.  I can truly say that I’ve never seen two people more excited, happy, and ready to get married! I was so honored to be a guest and photographer for this beautiful ceremony atop Vail Mountain.

Dan and Brienne, it’s tough to find the words to express how much I love you guys. Your wedding day was absolutely magical and amazing. Congratulations on starting this new chapter of your lives!

OK everybody, we hope that you are in a comfy seat because we have a ton of photos to share with you.

These two met in Vail and had their first date on Vail Mountain, so it only made perfect sense for them to exchange rings and vows there.

Mother Nature was threatening to be fierce and unleash a major storm, but they were not about to let a minor detail like the weather dampen the day.

My preferred mode of transportation up to the top was the chair lift so I could snowboard.

The spot that was chosen originally was too windy, so a backup location was picked and it turned out to be perfect!

Just when the ceremony was about to begin, the clouds parted and the sun graced us with it’s presence.

After the ceremony we all helped celebrate with some bubbly. 🙂

Love this. So much.

Best wedding officiant ever.

The view was unreal.

Dan & Brienne wished that all of their loved ones could have joined them, but we all knew that everyone was with them in their hearts.

First time down the mountain as husband and wife.

The following day after breakfast we strolled around Vail for just a few more photos

Dan and Brienne, you two are wonderful. You are both so caring, considerate, generous, and full of life. Your love for each other is pure and you are genuinely better together. Congratulations!

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