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Dave and I are so thankful that we get to work with some of the most talented wedding vendors in the industry. We love to recommend our favorite wedding professionals to our clients any chance we get so we can be sure that our couples are in good hands. When you are deciding on flowers in your wedding decor, there is a lot to think about – types of flowers, color combination, design, etc. Without professional guidance, it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, there are experienced pros out there who see to it that today’s brides and grooms are taken care of when it comes to wedding flowers!

Lisa Meyer of Flower Power Decor falls under the category of AMAZING floral designers that we LOVE. We got the chance to talk about her unique take on floral design for weddings and she was also kind enough to share some insightful tips and trends that will help you when considering flowers for your own wedding day.

Melissa :: What should brides know when looking for a florist?
Lisa Meyer :: Its important for a bride to choose a florist they feel can create & help inspire the look they’re going for. A good florist will take a bride’s style, even if the bride herself doesn’t know exactly what that is & create a look that totally represents her. They should trust the professional they choose.

M :: Where do you find inspiration for your design work?
LM :: I do like to follow the latest wedding blogs. I always tuck away interesting ideas for future shoots or bridal shows. I was very lucky to have learned floral design & work in the industry in the NYC area for many years before coming to Rochester. I’ve seen a lot of trends that are now popular because of the internet & blogs that I was doing years ago along side some very talented designers.

M :: Bridal color palette trends come and go – what has been your favorite in the last couple of years?
LM :: I love working with bold, dramatic colors. Two of my favorite color palettes I’ve worked a lot with in the past couple years are hot pink, green, & orange & the other being plum, black, & fuchsia. I think its because the color combinations can carry over easily into different seasons. I get a lot of brides that will come to me with pictures of my bouquets that they’ve found on my website in those color palettes & want me to create that look for them too.
M :: If you could pick one underrated, but amazing flower that everyone should know about, but few people do, what would it be?
LM :: I would have to say stock. It’s not a pretty sounding flower, but I love its texture, versatility & variety of colors it naturally comes in. My favorite is a dark plum that is referred to as “blue” by California flower growers.

M :: What do you love most about your job?
LM :: I love the energy & excitement of my clients. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to be able to be part of one of the most exciting days of their lives. I get a thrill when my bride sees her bouquet for the first time. I’ve had a few tear up with happiness. That makes me feel like I did great job. They’ll have that memory forever & so will I!

M :: What do you do when you’re not doing what you do? 🙂
LM :: I have 3 little dogs that demand their bellies scratched at least twice a day! Besides that, I’m usually always doing something that relates to my business. Wedding season for me generally runs from May to December with every weekend pretty much booked.  In the off months, I’m usually working on photo shoots or bridal shows. I do enjoy getting together & networking with other wedding professional during the year. It’s so interesting to me in how we seem to live parallel lives. There’s always so much more to learn!

Thanks Lisa!
Here’s how to schedule an appointment at Studio 180 with Lisa to talk about your wedding inspiration!
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