Jake + Katie :: a love story

We were excited that Jake and Katie chose the Basket Road Park bleachers as their location for this shoot. This place just so happens to be where they first met. They were introduced by their friend Kelly during a football game. They formed a close friendship and soon it became clear to them and everyone else that they were meant for each other.

In just a few short days, Katie will embark on a new adventure to Croatia for a semester. The way Jake looks at it, he will be with her along the way because of the vibrant stories she will share with him.

An ocean apart? Ain’t no thang!

Laughter – a key ingredient to true love.

On the way back we stopped at the Irondequoit Bay outlet, a spot that holds a special place in their hearts.

The day of the shoot was cold and blustery, but I didn’t hear one complaint out of either of them. I think it’s because they didn’t notice. When they are together, the love just radiates.

Over the last few months we’ve really been captivated with how we can incorporate video into our storytelling.  Enjoy!

Click the link to watch the video ::


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